Ben began climbing as a toddler – trees, fences, sheds – but it wasn’t until a school trip to Undercover Rock in Bristol when he was 14 that he caught the climbing bug.  Within 2 years Ben was competing at national level and selected for the Junior GB climbing team.  Alongside competing internationally on-and-off for the last 12 years, he started working in the climbing industry as climbing centre counter-staff, duty manager, route-setter, coach, instructor and wall builder.

Through his experience in competition climbing, Ben started to coach kids climbing in the BMC Youth Climbing Series.  He went on to set up Undercover Rock climbing squad and further coaching with adults and children.  Most recently Ben has been involved with developing the BMC’s Coaching for Children course alongside Tom Greenall and Ian Dunn and is one of the providers of the BMC’s FUNdamentals courses.