Looking for a climbing coach in Bristol?

We  offer  a  wide  variety  of  climbing  coached sessions  and  training.  So  whether  you  are  a total  beginner,  struggling  with  the  pump  or you need  to  improve  on  your  foot  work,  we will  be able  to  help.

Coaching in Bloc Climbing Centre

What to expect:

In the initial session your coach will point you at a variety of climbs to test your climbing skills. They will be looking out for and identifying key strengths and weakness throughout the session, as well as giving you helpful tips and exercises to help you improve on those areas. Any follow up sessions will be geared specifically to the individual, whether that’s working on personal goals or learning new skills.


1:1 session £45 duration 1.5hrs
1:2 session £55 duration 1.5hrs
1:3 session £75 duration 2 hrs 
1:4 session £95 duration 2 hrs 

*Larger group sessions available, please contact for more information.*

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